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Our purpose for developing Gray Haired Perspectives is to provide commentary on current issues confronting agricultural lenders and commercial agricultural producers. We have worked with both audiences our entire careers and want to continue reaching out to both as we retire from university life. Our bios can be found in another section of this website. We invite readers to send us topics that would be of interest to you and to comment on articles appearing on our website. Our only request is that, if you have a criticism, offer an alternative. That way we hope to learn something too.

We intend to address both micro and macro topics. Our objective is to produce materials that address emerging issues and provide perspectives we hope will be both thought provoking and educational. Computer decision aids are planned as well. We have both been involved with the study of the agricultural credit industry and the management of commercial farms and ranches for over 50 years. We hope we have developed some perspectives that will be of value to our readers.

Our website will contain a series of monthly articles focusing on topics we feel should be of interest to both commercial producers and lenders. The Article page will be updated monthly. Previous issues will be archived as we may from time to time refer back to them. If you have a topic you would like us to pursue, let us know. A Trends page will focus on a particular trend in the farm sector or the economy that we feel will be of interest to you. Finally the Contact page provides a way for you can communicate with us.

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